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ALL Adverse Credit Accepted - YES !!! >> 1.75% Free Remortgage Quote Today >>> Guaranteed Great Success Rates >>> Remortgage with Adverse Credit >>
+Sean Wilkins

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

Not all banks are the same - our bad credit brokers have lenders who will accept your poor credit
mortgage application.
   > To only use our selected lenders - who our brokers understand and have strong relationships with.
   > To avoid automated computer decisions - we will speak to the underwriters giving your case more success.
To give your mortgage the best possible chance of success our bad credit mortgage brokers will use these techniques:
Our brokers have years of experience with bad credit mortgages- and know exactly which poor credit lenders to approach with your mortgage case - our brokers will greatly improve your chances of success!
If you are struggling to secure your mortgage with bad credit then you have come to the right place - our brokers handle lots of adverse cases on a daily basis - making us experts in this field.
Our bad credit mortgage brokers will use their years of knowledge and experience to ensure that your case will be approved and accepted without delay - in most cases our brokers can secure your mortgage on the day you contact us.
Here is a list of just some of the areas where our bad credit mortgage brokers can help you :
A few years ago mortgage rates were around 8% with high fees - these adverse credit mortgage rates were known as "loading" - i.e. the lender penalised you for your poor credit!
The good news is that this practise is no longer in place - so your rate should be more or less in line with the usual high street rates - and not loaded with unfair extras due to your bad credit rating.

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker? - Right Here!

CCJs, Defaults, Missed Payments, IVAs
Mortgage for ANY reason - Upto 85%
Bad Credit Mortgage Broker - Years of Experience
Apply with Us - Greatly Improve Your Chances of Success !
Secured Loans - Unlimited Adverse Credit !
Bankruptcies, Debt Management - PLUS MANY MORE !
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ALL Cases Considered
Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

  Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers - ALL Cases Considered !

Free Quote with No Obligation - Call Us On O8OO 612 467O

  No Automated Computer Decisions !

They will assess your case on a fair and reasonable basis - giving you a greater chance of success!

  ALL Bad Credit Accepted - Apply Today !

  Secured Loans - Accept More Adverse than a Mortgage !

Our secured loans come with competitive rates and fees - so it's always worth giving us a call for your free quote!

  1.75% Low Rates and Low Fees

Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers - All Cases Considered - Brokers with Bad Credit Mortgage Experience

ALL Bad Credit Welcome - Free Quote - Contact Us Today

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Sean Wilkins Principal.
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Sean Wilkins is the Principal Mortgage Broker at Assured Finance Today

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker - Years of Experience
Most cases accepted - Right Away
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Sean Wilkins


Very Competitive Rates and Fees

Borrow up to 85% in most cases

Why Choose Us

Not all brokers are the same - we have excellent success rates
Our mortgage brokers have years of experience in securing adverse credit mortgage deals
We are a dedicated team and very committed to securing your adverse credit mortgage

Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers

Access to exclusive adverse credit lenders
Our bad credit mortgage brokers will give you the very best possible chance of accepting your adverse credit application
Very competitive rates and fees
Contact our bad credit mortgage brokers today on 0800 612 467O or submit the online form above
We will answer all your enquiries and provide your Bad Credit Remortgage quote free of charge and with no obligation
All Cases Considered
Here Are Just a Sample of Some of Our Adverse Credit Mortgage Lenders - We Have Many Others - Contact Us Today For Your Free Quote
The * rate quoted is based upon Trigold as of 07/07/2015 - The actual rate will depend on your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.
Free Quote - 0800 612 4670

Missed payments - on loans - credit cards etc - all acceptable to brokers

Default mortgages - our advisers can provide your mortgage if you have defaults - both recent and
in the past - you are not required to have paid these off either!

IVA mortgages - our brokers can provide your mortgage with either an ON GOING IVA - or a completed IVA.

Bankruptcy mortgages - can accept bankruptcy mortgages if you've been discharged for 12 mths or more.

Debt management plans - our advisers can accept on going debt management plans with out any issues!

CCJ mortgages - similar to defaults - can provide your mortgage if you have CCJs - both recent and in the
past - again these are not required to have been paid off.





If you would like our help then contact us today - it's a Free Quote with No credit checks!
Secured loans are able to provide your funds very quickly - they are also able to accept unlimited bad credit - this makes them a perfect choice from our mortgage brokers for most situations!
Secured loans are able to accept far more bad credit then their adverse mortgage counterparts.
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Excellent Success Rates!

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No credit checks will be taken - Free Quote for ALL adverse credit mortgage cases !
Our brokers may ask to see your credit file to assess your poor credit - which will enable them to assess your adverse credit in minutes at which stage we will be confident that we will be able to secure your bad credit mortgage with a high degree of success.

  No Credit Checks - Free Quote !

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Think Carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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